How to file a lawsuit with the NCoA?
There are three ways to file a lawsuit.

 1. In electronic form, by email to: sekretariat@nationalcourtofarbitration.com ;(preferred way of receiving cases)
 2. On paper, through a postal operator;
 3. In paper form, in person in the court’s office, after prior appointment by telephone.

The division into summary proceedings and proceedings on general terms does not apply. A lawsuit is filed with the NCoA in a similar manner as in case of disputes settled by common courts on general terms. If the value of the dispute is equal to or lower than PLN 20,000, no forms are required to be filled in.

Should a receipt for the payment of a stamp duty on account of appointing an attorney be attached to the claim?
Appointing an attorney to act before a court of arbitration is not subject to a stamp duty.
Do the arbitrators adjudge the costs of legal representation and the reimbursement of costs of proceedings to the winning party?
Yes. The Arbitrators adjudge the cost of legal representation in the amount corresponding to the cost adjudged by a common court in legal cases ending with a court judgement. The NCoA adjudges the highest minimum rates of legal representation in a civil lawsuit, which can be multiplied, depending on the amount of work of the professional attorney, subject to a party’s request. The arbitrators adjudge the reimbursement of litigation costs to the winning party if the said party requests it in a pleading.
How are the parties and the witnesses examined?
Evidence by the parties and witnesses can be collected in two ways. The parties and the witnesses can submit their statements and testimonies in writing. Such a document should be signed by a person giving evidence and should include a cautionary statement that any attestation of an untruth is subject to civil liability. Alternatively, a hearing can be scheduled. The arbitrators schedule a court hearing in exceptional situations, e.g. when the case circumstances raise doubts and the collected evidence, in the arbitrator’s opinion, is not sufficient to pass a judgement.
What does a trial look like?
The National Court of Arbitration endeavours to settle matters without scheduling hearings, if possible. However, when the need arises to schedule a hearing, it is held in a cosy atmosphere. The parties provide explanations sitting down and enjoying coffee. The representatives are not obliged to wear gowns. Nobody yells at anybody and throws them out the door. The parties to the dispute are clients, not petitioners. The presence of the media and outsiders is excluded.
Is it possible to make an appeal against a judgement of the NCoA?
No. The proceedings are single-instance.