How can the NCoA be of use?

The disputes submitted for resolution by an arbitration court can concern property or non-property rights that can be subject to a consent decree, expect for alimony cases.

For the National Court of Arbitration to be able to settle a dispute, the parties to a legal relationship, i.e. the business partners, must agree on that. Such an agreement can be expressed in several ways. For example, an arbitration clause can be included in agreements or settlements concluded with business partners.

If you have not concluded an agreement with you business partner, you can mutually agree via e-mail that the current or any future disputes are to be settled by this specific court. An arbitration clause naming the National Court of Arbitration as a competent court to settle any possible disputes should be included in e-mail correspondence, along with its approval by both parties.

It should be noted that it is very important to appoint the National Court of Arbitration as a competent court to pass judgements in a particular case or cases as early as possible. When a dispute arises, the parties are usually unable to reach an agreement even in such a simple matter as choosing a court to settle it.

Examples of arbitration clauses are available in the bookmark “Examples of Arbitration Clauses”