Low Fees

In comparison with a state court and other arbitration courts, the fees charged by the National Court of Arbitration are very preferential.

When selecting a specific service or a product, entrepreneurs analyse the price-to-value ratio. In other words, they are interested in how much they have to pay to achieve a specific result.

Generally, if a common court is to examine the case, the plaintiff has to pay 5% of the value of the dispute. The NCoA also charges a 5% court fee, but in our case this is the only amount paid in exchange for passing a judgement. Thus, the plaintiff avoids other costs and payments associated with proceedings before common courts. This presents a great cost-saving opportunity. In addition, the NCoA offers the plaintiff much more benefits than a common court:

  • Quickness;
  • Convenience;
  • Quality;
  • Simplicity of proceedings;
  • In general, no hearings, thus no travel and accommodation expenses incurred by the parties and witnesses, or foregone earnings due to lost time;
  • One fixed low court fee. No other additional fees, for example an appeal fee or a fee for securing a claim
  • Changing the status from a supplicant to a customer.

It should be mentioned that, upon a request of the winning party, the losing party is charged with the costs of proceedings. For example: The plaintiff wants to recover his or her money from a debtor. The plaintiff has to pay a court fee equal to 5% of the amount of the debt. When the plaintiff wins the case, the NCoA, upon the plaintiff’s request, orders the debtor to reimburse the 5% court fee to the plaintiff.